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Getting started

Cheap and easy food supply

Easy one-month emergency food supply

See an example of a cheap and easy one-month food supply using basic foods you can find at any grocery store! Learn how you can quickly and inexpensively have the peace of mind that comes with an emergency food supply after just one trip to the store.

We all have to start somewhere.

There is a lot of “prepping” and “survival” content out there, and some of it is very good.  This site does not replace the good stuff that’s already available.  This site is aimed at the person who is just starting out and perhaps feels overwhelmed by the task ahead of them.

If you are an experienced “prepper,” you probably won’t find anything here that you don’t already know.  However, if you have friends and family who are beginning to see the value in preparedness, this is the place to send them.

My goal is to present simple, yet dramatic, steps that almost anyone can take toward the security of having acquired food, supplies, and skills for surviving difficult times.

Let’s not underestimate the small things.  When the difficult times come, those who have prepared even just a little will fair much better.  Someone with the basic one-month supply of food described here will have vastly superior survival odds than the average American with their typical one- to three-day supply of food.

For the philosophy behind what I am doing here, read my vision.


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