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The Old Man’s Pantry Update | 06/19/2022

This week’s pricing update on the 50 items I’ve been watching. There has been a large jump in the price of basic food staples this week.

Great value white bread is up from 93 cents to $1.00 per loaf. That’s a 7.5% increase this week.

5lb bags of Great Value flour are up to $2.12 this week. That’s a 36% increase since early May.

10lb bags of Great Value sugar are up to $5.94, which is a 39% increase since early May.

Great Value butter is up to $7.48 for the 2lb pack, a 7% increase in one week. 1 pound is now $4.28.

Cans of tuna, large jars of peanut butter, and Great Value cornmeal are back in stock at walmart-com.

The cornmeal is up slightly from $2.36 for a 5lb bag to $2.52, about a 6.5% increase.

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