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Pantry Watch 07/03/2022

This week’s price and stock update on the items I am following shows a sharp increase in canned vegetables and some stock issues, but the price of staples such and flour, sugar, and butter have remained level.

12-packs of Great Value vegetables have increased from $5.88 to $6.78, a 15% increase.

Great Value cornmeal has gone out of stock again at walmart-com.

Great Value canned tuna has been out of stock all week online, including the singles and 4-packs. Stock is low in our local store, but available.

Peanut butter stock is still very low at our local store, but readily available online.

Pasta stock is very low locally, but available.

Coffee stock was very low locally, with some brands sold out completely.

In good news, after Great Value butter retreated back to $3.98 it has held at that price all week.

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