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Pantry Watch 07/07/2022

Some interesting developments have made it necessary to have a mid-week update again.

Great Value canned vegetables have seen a dramatic price increase on the 12-pack cases. 12-pack cans of corn went from $5.88 to $6.71 last week and overnight went up to $10.61.

12-pack cans of beans went from $6.71 to $10.35 last night.

18-ounce cannisters of oatmeal jumped from $1.71 to $2.48, a 40% increase in one week.

Great Value cornmeal has been out of stock online and at the local store for a week. The next-lowest-price cornmeal, Wilkins Roger’s Mills Indian Head, is now out of stock online and at the local store.

Great Value tuna is still out of stock, both the single cans and the 4-packs. Stock of other brands is low at the local store, but available.

The large 64 ounce jars of Great Value peanut butter are out of stock online and at the store. Smaller jars are still available. Peanut butter stock in general is low at the store, but available.

White eggs are down 6 cents per dozen. Brown eggs are up nearly $1 per dozen.

Prices of flour and sugar have remained level for 2 weeks.

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