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Gold and Silver Manipulation

Proof positive that “they” are manipulating gold and silver prices.

Since the start of Biden’s War in Europe, silver has plummeted $7 per ounce against the US Dollar. It’s now around $19.30/ounce.

Gold has dropped over $250/ounce.

Since the dollar has lost so much value itself during that time, due to inflation, it makes these prices that much more unbelievable. There is no way that in a time of international instability, food shortage, and skyrocketing inflation that precious metals would be falling in price in a natural market.

Personally, given what is ahead, I believe that they are collapsing the price of gold and silver in order to snap up vast amounts of it for themselves at bargain-basement prices just before the whole system falls apart.

So, we can’t do anything about the market manipulation, but maybe we should look at it as an opportunity to buy a little more for our own preparations.

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