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Pantry Watch 07/10/2022

The weekly Pantry Watch report is less dramatic than the mid-week update.

There are no pricing changes since the mid-week update.

Wilkins Roger’s cornmeal, the next cheapest after Great Value brand, is back in stock at Walmart. Great Value cornmeal is still out of stock both locally and online.

The 18-ounce cannisters of Great Value Oatmeal are back in stock, at the higher price mentioned a few days ago.

The 64-ounce Great Value peanut butter jars are back in stock. Inventory at the local store for all brands of peanut butter is slim, but available.

10lb bags of flour are out of stock locally, but there is an ample supply of other sizes so I assume it is a temporary issue.

Great Value tuna is still out of stock locally and online. Local inventory of all brands of tuna is light, but available.

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