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What’s up with Natural Gas?

Curious minds want to know.

Last month, an explosion at America’s largest natural gas export facility closed the Freeport LNG plant down.

Then, a natural gas pipeline in Louisiana exploded.

Then, last night a natural gas plant in Oklahoma exploded.

Today, a natural gas pipeline in Texas exploded.

All on the heals of Barak Obama beginning the installation of a massive propane storage tank at his Cape Cod home.

Curious minds want to know, “what’s going on?”

In this age of hybrid war, are the Russians sabotaging natural gas since it is an important weapon in the European war?

Are things falling apart due to manpower and supplies shortages stemming from the Biden Administration’s incompetent handling of the nation’s economy?

Is the gangster class destroying these things in an accelerated attempt to take down America?

Or, is is all just one big coincidence?

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