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Globalism has failed

Globalism has failed.

It has brought an unprecedented period of war, famine, disease, and shortages.

Globalism has directly resulted in a significant loss of basic human rights, freedom, and dignity all over the world, particularly in the western so-called “democratic free world.”

Globalism has spawned more hate, division, and racism than any other model in the history of the world.

Globalism has consistently devalued the fruits of human production, innovation, and savings to the point that, even in “prosperous” western nations, most households must have a two-person income in order to see the standard of living their parents had.

Globalism has uniformly made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

It has been an abject failure.

It’s time to move beyond the failed globalist model and advance humanity worldwide. It’s time to let freedom ring and prosperity grow once again in nations all around the world.

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