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Mylar bags banned? Nope … watch for scammers

By now, we’ve all seen the sensational articles about mylar bags being banned by Amazon.  The fear-mongering (profiteering) has driven massive purchases of bags by the preparedness community, fearing that one of our greatest tools for food preservation will be lost.

Before you go buy 1,000 mylar bags, take a deep breath and look at what is actually going on.

Here’s the relevant part of Amazon’s statement to its retailers:

“Due to regulatory requirements, all Mylar bags that are not clear or single-colored must be removed from the Amazon store by August 5, 2022. For more information on these requirements, go to Drugs and drug paraphernalia.”

Notice right off that single-color mylar bags, like the silver ones used for food storage, are specifically excluded from the ban.

Our food storage mylar bags are not going away.

Here’s an e-mail from one retailer who is being overwhelmed with orders:

We appreciate the extra business lately, but there is no need to hoard Mylar bags. Some retailers are prohibiting the sale of colorful Mylar bags used for cannabis and other drugs and this has clearly concerned many of our customers. But do not worry, this does not apply to our products. Single-colored bags are still allowed, and we will continue to manufacture and sell them. We have no plans to discontinue any of our Mylar bags.

They are NOT going away. The bags have not been banned.

The ban applies to the multicolored mylar bags often used to transport and sell drugs. Drug dealers use them because they are flashy and relatively odor-proof.

I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point preparedness supplies like mylar bags, canning jars, etc. were indeed banned, but that day is not today.

Notice that the sensational, fear-porn articles about bans on food storage mylar bags seem to always be accompanied by convenient referral / affiliate links so that we can easily purchase bags.  That’s because the article is about profit, not truth or helpfulness.

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