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Pantry Watch update, 07/30/2022

This week’s Pantry Watch reports a few key pricing updates.

Great Value vegetable oil has increased from $7.34 per gallon to $8.17, an 11% increase.

Great Value coffee has also increased in price again. The 48-ounce can went from $8.98 to $9.98, an 11% increase.

Great Value brand baker’s chocolate has increased from $1.84 for a 4 ounce bar to $1.98, a 7.6% increase.

No price reductions to report this week.

Stock at the local store remains low, but available in some brands and sizes, for: peanut butter, tuna, coffee, infant formula, and chicken breast.

At the local Walmart and local grocery store, apple cider vinegar and white vinegar were completely sold out except for small jars of the more expensive organic varieties.

Canning jars and supplies are well-stocked locally.

Beef prices remain low and beef products are on sale at many stores. This is reportedly because of large herds being culled. Once the culling is done, prices are expected to increase considerably, according to reports.

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