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Pantry Watch Update, 8/27/2022

Pantry Watch Update for 8/27:

I am reporting the first price decrease since I began doing this in late Spring of this year.

Great Value white eggs decreased this week from $3.23 per dozen to $2.19, a 47% decrease.

As reported in the special update earlier this week, Great Value white rice in the 20lb bag increased in price from $8.98 to $9.78, a 9% increase.

Great Value brand products continue to experience apparent inventory issues, probably because they are the lowest priced, thus the first to disappear in a supply crisis.

Beef prices remain low locally, with some beef as low as $2.99/lb in family packs and Sirloin at $6.99/lb.

Chicken is well stocked in all cuts except boneless breasts, which continues to experience inventory issues and is often only available in expensive brands.

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