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Pantry Watch Update, 10-01-2022

Great Value coffee in the 48 oz can has increased from $9.98 to $10.92, a 9.5% increase. This product was $5.99 last year.

NIDO whole dry milk in the 56.4 oz can has increased from $16.58 to $17.98, an 8.5% increase.

Large brown eggs in the Great Value brand increased from $2.92 to $4.17 per dozen, a 43% increase. Large white eggs are still at $2.34 per dozen.

Great Value corn meal in the 5lb bags (the only denomination for this brand) are still out of stock both locally and online. It has now been out of stock for 2 months.

In a corn-related observation, cracked corn (animal food) at Tractor Supply did not go on sale when the new harvest came in. It actually went up 50 cents per bag instead. It’s running $4.50 more per 50lb bag over when we were buying it at last year.

The 64oz Great Value peanut butter is still out of stock locally and online, making a month and a half since it was last available.

Four-packs of Great Value tuna (5 oz cans) are still out of stock and have been unavailable for 5 weeks.

Because I still get comments and questions on this, it’s worth my mentioning again that the products that I have chosen to monitor are chosen based on their wide availability and economy prices, in order to establish a national “common denominator” for the purpose of observing pricing and stock trends. Economy products, by their nature, are typically among the first to be effected by price increases and shortages. I do not endorse or recommend for or against any particular product or brand.

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