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The Vision

The purpose of this web site is to address the needs in our society for more independence and self-reliance.

There are many ways which people can be empowered.

Free speech empowers people.

Freedom of expression empowers people.

Financial security empowers people.

Housing and food security empower people.

Freedom of travel and transportation empower people.

Protections against government abuses, employer abuses, and “big tech” abuses empower people.

Knowledge and skills empower people.

We could expand this list far beyond this, but I think it makes the point that security and freedom are what most empower us.  This is why the United States Constitution was ratified with a Bill of Rights (the first ten Amendments).  “We the People” are designed to be empowered, and the Constitution recognizes that fact.

However, today people have been systematically dis-empowered, because dis-empowered people are easy to control and manipulate and exploit.

We are dis-empowered by personal debt and public debt.

We are dis-empowered by housing insecurity, such as being forced into rental situations because affordable homes are not available.

We are dis-empowered by information control and censorship.

We are dis-empowered by lack of food security, lack of income security, and lack of transportation security.

We are dis-empowered by top-down control mechanisms, where power rests in the organization rather than with the People, where it belongs.

We are dis-empowered by lack of the skills and knowledge which allow us to do things for ourselves.

Today, we are a dis-empowered nation.

The solution is not quick, easy, or comfortable.  The solution means proactively doing something.

Store some emergency food and supplies.

Learn some skills.  Canning, dehydrating, gardening, simple carpentry, basic mechanics, etc. are good starting points.

Seek out alternative news sources.

Read Animal Farm, 1984, and A Brave New World.  Read the Bible.  Keep reading.  It exercises the mind and the imagination.  It frees you.

Question everything.

Don’t get stuck in politics.  Understand that all of the labels they put on we the people are meant to create false dichotomies to separate us and make us more manageable and more controllable.

Seize your destiny rather than settling for handouts from a society designed to keep you in your place.

Remember that se;f-reliance and independence are not about each of us being an island to ourselves.  It’s about building communities to which we can all contribute, communities designed for the common good and not for manipulation, control, or extraction of wealth and resources.

Power and self-determination reside with the individual.  The healthy community is a support mechanism for the individual, not a vehicle for the hive mentality.  The community exists to serve the individual, not the individual for the community, though an individual who want the support of a healthy community must contribute to it in some manner.

It’s easily overwhelming when we consider the scope of the journey in front of us.  However, as Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  Start by doing just one small thing.

In the same way, the scope of this web site is daunting and overwhelming, so I’ll start with one step and just add more steps as I have time.  I will add more theoretic and philosophical content, but I’m going to start with some practical, simple things almost anyone can do.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you find something useful here.


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