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Thank you for visiting.

I am repurposing this web site to address the need for more independence and self-reliance.  I apologize if you find things broken or in disarray while I am in the process of doing this.

My purpose is not to give detailed content on every subject.  I am not an expert myself, and the closer I get to 60, the more I realize how much I just don’t know.

So, my aim is to be a launching point, to give some basic information and to direct people to better, more detailed, more expert resources.  By doing that, I believe that I can help people empower themselves by taking those simple initial steps.  I want to be the starting point.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  If I can help people take that first step, then the journey has begun, and this is a journey where success is measured in progress, not in reaching the end point.  None of us will actually reach the end point.  The more we learn, the more we realize we need to learn.

It’s also a journey which I cannot map out for you.  We all choose the direction we go, and everybody’s route is a little different.  Once you start taking steps, different things will capture your interest and imagination.  The important thing is to get started.

I hope that this web site is a help in doing that.

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